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The decontamination, disinfection and rodent extermination company STELLA NESTORA offers complete rodent control services directly and effectively to professionals and individuals.

"Steps" to address the presence of rodents:

A. Inspection of the business and the environment

There are several signs that one has to look for during an initial (but also the next) site inspections: damage to products, paths, ground holes in the surrounding area of ​​buildings, hiccups, droppings, urine stains, live or dead rodents, rodent sounds and the characteristic smell of rodents. A good inspection will give us a better idea of ​​the order of population size and the routs used by rodents. As the aim is to reduce the population, baiting stations and capture traps should be placed at the appropriate points, which can be determined successfully after a good inspection.

Β. Hygiene of the premises
A large population of rodents to grow must find food and water easily. It is a fact that by eliminating or reducing the factors that facilitate their living, their population also automatically decreases. This is also the main rule on which integrated pest management is based.

C. Insulation of building facilities
Another important way to control the population of rodents is if we exclude their entry into the buildings after we first check the population that can already exist inside. Although insulation is not always feasible, it is one of the most important factors in a successful fight. In some cases it can be done with little effort. The openings that may be left are 5 mm for mice and 10 mm for rats. Even after this, rodents can slip through the open doors and windows to enter through the drains (grid necessary) or plumbing. Especially in the case of mice, they are transported internally with packaged goods.

D. A drastic reduction in population

To quickly reduce the rodent population, we are setting up baiting stations and capture traps. In some places (food production and storage), the use of toxic baits is not in line with current legislation. We usually choose a combination of traps and baits. At the same time, immediately after the installation, we proceed to create a plan of the company where the bait stations and traps will be shown, by location and numbered.


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