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The decontamination, disinfection and rodent extermination company STELLA NESTORA offers complete insect repellent services directly and effectively to professionals and individuals.


Low pressure sprayers:

Spraying is a solution spill on surfaces where insects (sanitary or non-important) walk, nest, or have their nest in the premises of your facility. Using the insecticides of health importance that our company uses is achieving both the best result in the fight against pests and the safety of people. The hygienically important insecticides used are high-quality products, safe for humans, environmentally friendly, while they are cold-blooded and effective in fighting insects.


High Pressure sprayers:

It mainly concerns industrial areas and outdoor spaces where the sprayed surface is of a large size but also the specifics of the spaces vary. Depending on the site and the type of insect we are trying to deal with, selectively use insecticides that do not harm the beneficial insects of the fauna but only the target insect.


Gel for cockroaches:

This method places bait for cockroaches just in places where they have their nests and frequent. It is a totally odorless and non-acetic preparation and its application does not require space evacuation or some other preparation. It can also be applied while the room is in full operation.



In cases (notably industrial or storage areas) that are not feasible (due to materials, storage system, etc.), insect control is done with nebulous spraying. With this method, the insecticide is placed in a special machine that smokes it and in the form of smoke is pumped and occupies the entire volume of space that we want to isolate. Smoke can penetrate into inaccessible spots and overwhelms all surfaces that may have unwanted insects.



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